Rent the Runway: Rental E-Tailing Superstar

One of the most controversial issues pressing people’s fashion choices is outfit repeating. This ongoing fear is most prevalent in today’s society following the documentation of outfits on social media – nobody wants an outfit posted two times on their Instagram feed. In a recent study by Hubbub, 72% of women consider a dress outdatedContinue reading “Rent the Runway: Rental E-Tailing Superstar”

A Term is 4 Years. A Design is Timeless.

When I first established my major in college as marketing, I pictured myself selling products to a bunch of like-minded people. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered all the different routes there are under the “marketing” umbrella. Political marketing must be one of the most interesting types of marketing I have heard of. WhileContinue reading “A Term is 4 Years. A Design is Timeless.”

America is Engaged with Bridal TV

“Say Yes to the Dress”, “Four Weddings”, and “Bridezillas” are just a tap into the bridal reality show market. The journey down the aisle in 2020 is far from putting on a white dress, getting handed a bouquet of flowers, and saying a few vows. The reality television industry has influenced this special day fromContinue reading “America is Engaged with Bridal TV”

Country Music’s Saddling Up Top Designers

The cowboy boot, cowboy hat, and cowboy inspired suits are trotting down runways and being worn by celebrities. The rise in popularity in western wear in the fashion community attributes to the rapid change in our music and entertainment tastes. Music streaming has gained much traction in the last few years and the genre gainingContinue reading “Country Music’s Saddling Up Top Designers”